Using stable isotope ratio mass spectrometry and our large datasets, we can test red meat and meat products for consistency with origin, and for some species, also for regional areas.


Determinaton for consistency with organic production methods is also available for some red meat species using our reference databases coupled with our knowledge of animal nutrition and how it varies across the UK and further afield. We routinely test both beef and venison products for organic production but will work with you to develop suitable tests for other meat products.


Using DNA technology, we can check that your food, food products, feed and environmental swabs contain the meat species you expect. We can test to see if what should be there is present as well as check that species that shouldn’t be present aren’t. We take a flexible approach to combinations of species and are happy to test for any combination of the available suite. Currently we offer; cow, pig, horse, donkey, buffalo, deer, sheep and goat on the red meat side, as well as chicken, turkey, duck and a range of fish species.


Is your meat fat what it says it is? Work with us to get it tested for authenticity with the specified meat species.

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