Next Generation Sequencing

Rather than a targeted approach, seen with qPCR testing, Next Generation Sequeincing (NGS) is untargeted; as long as the sequence can be found in the database we can identify it. We offer NGS for animal, fish, produce (plant), fungal and bacterial speciation; that’s >500,000 reference species!

The NGS method uses targeted primers to select larger sections of DNA than are used with qPCR. The base pair sequences are "read", these sequences are compared to reference databases for identification of species.

The benefits of this method are;

A cost effective analytical tool, NGS is more versatile than the commonly used targeted  “7 species qPCR screens” providing the ability to test for multiple areas simultaneously as well as accessing >500,000 species reference sequencings.

Contact us for more information on how NGS testing could be used to add value in your business.

Molecular speciation of animal, fish, plant, fungi and bacteria is accredited under ISO 17025; based on detection of DNA sequences.



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